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Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Jul 05, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some people get their student visa and schooling done once easily, and effortlessly while others have to go through the same process multiple times before they finally get it? Well, the answer is in their research and answering skills. How conversant are you with the student interview questions you will be asked? Your ability to respond correctly to your student visa interview questions will determine if you pass or have to retake the interview.

Almost every foreign student who has schooled or is schooling abroad had to at one time or the other, attend a student visa interview question. Some have described the process as being tedious while others say it was easy and convenient. 

For those who will like to scale through their student visa interview questions effortlessly, here are possible questions to expect and how to answer.

What is the Purpose of Your Trip?

They want to understand your purpose of leaving your country for another. So, simply explain to them in clear terms that the purpose of your trip to that country is to further your education. 

What School are you Going to Attend?

Tell them the full name of the school whose admission you have chosen to accept and your course of study. 

Why Did You Choose Your Course of Study?

Are you passionate about that particular course of study? If yes, what makes you passionate about it? Explain the many benefits you see in choosing that course of study, how will it help you and society in any way. Is your reason for choosing that course of study career-related? Or relevant to your job role? State them. Your reasons may also be personal to you. If this is the case, let them know why you are passionate about that particular course of study?  

Why Did You Choose This Institution?

What are your reasons for choosing that school? You may explain some unique benefits of attending the school such as the prestige, standard, and quality of both the school’s educational system and that of its lecturers, professional courses offered, and so on. 

You may also expatiate on their infrastructure, conducive academic studying environment, etc.

Are you a lover of sports? Do they have an interesting sporting environment? Mention that as well.  

Where Will You Live When You Get There?

They want to be sure you have your accommodation sorted out already, won’t get stranded, and the length of how long that accommodation will last. So, ensure that you have your accommodation previously sorted out, and your answers ready. 

Will you be staying at a family member’s place? That’s great. Get their address and be ready to give it. If you will be staying at the student’s hostel lounge, ensure that you have made payments with required receipts, ready accommodation, and knowledge of the full address of the place.

Why Do You Want to Further Your Studies?

Make sure you state your genuine reasons for wanting to further your education? Is it job-related? Career-related? To enhance your knowledge? To gain employment or get better jobs? They want to be sure your intentions are mainly to study and not to migrate.

What Is Your Course of Study and How Many Years Will It Take?

They are not asking you this question just to find out if you know your course of study or not. They want to be sure you are aware of the details of the course you are about to take to undertake, how long it will take you, and adequately prepared for that. 

Why Do You Want to Pursue a Degree in the United States?

In answering this question, shift attention to the school’s location.  Let’s assume your desired choice of school happens to be located in the United States and you love the school environment and infrastructure, the academic staff gives the best breakdown of your desired courses, etc. Talk about the professional courses they offer, lecturers, professors, and how the school stands out. 

Make it personal also. Do you have relatives who live close to the school or in the same city? You can add that as a reason for choosing the school. Do you like sports? Does the school have amazing sporting activities and facilities? Don’t forget to add that as well. How about a well-structured student accommodation that you plan on using? Mention all this as well.

Talk about the process of studying, how it will solve major problems in your society, and what difference it will make. You want to use this knowledge to make the world a better place. 

What are Your Plans after Graduation?

They want to know if you intend to get a job there or return to your home country when you are through with your studies. You are more likely to get your student visa approved if you let them know about your plans to return to your home country to implement the skills and education you have gained. Remember, genuine answers are required from you. 

Why Do You Want This Degree?

Tell them the things that fascinate, excite or interest you about your course of study. Mention some topics within the course that you find unique and interesting.

Why Should I Grant you United States Visa?

Talk about how open you are to learning new things, and new opportunities you will love to explore. Expatiate on how your coming can generally make things better for yourself, the country you are going to, and your home country.

How Many Schools Did You Get Admitted To?

They may ask you the number of schools that gave you admission. It is pointless to lie. Simply tell them the number of schools that gave you admission and why you chose to accept that particular University’s admission.

How Are You Financially Providing For This Study Program?

Who will be paying for your tuition fee? Are your parents or guardian responsible? Provide details of how they will provide. Or, do you plan on taking student loans? Then, show them the documents. If you are working or have some money saved up, ensure you show proof or statement of account.

In summary, a student visa interview can become a smooth and easy process if you know what questions to expect and how to answer them. Researching the school whose offer you are accepting will give you an edge and a good understanding of what to say about the school.

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