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Why Teachers’ Salaries Should Be More Than That of Pilots and Doctors

Jul 16, 2021

Doctors save lives. Pilots literarily have the lives of people in their hands. Professions in Medicine, Engineering, Aviation, Science and Technology, are the most paid currently in Africa and most parts of the world. The teaching profession is one of the lowest income earning professions. Why is this the case?

Teachers raise students to become pilots, engineers, information technology experts, doctors/nurses, and every other profession on the face of the Earth. Without teachers, there will be NO doctors or pilots. We can therefore say that teachers hold the lives of so many in their hands because they determine how both the pilots and doctors will turn out. Without good teachers, there will be no good doctors, without good doctors, many lives will be lost and the cure to many ailments, will not be found. Without good teachers, there will be no good Pilots. Lives will be lost during flight cases that need the hands of an expert. 

Therefore, we need teachers just as much as we need doctors, pilots, and other professions. A doctor is not more important than a teacher nor pilot because the teacher is the maker of both.


Although we can agree that doctors spend more time in school, just as a commentator on Quora once wrote, “It’s tougher and more competitive to get into medical school and then get through medical school than it is to become a teacher. The GPA requirements for medical school are much higher than teaching school. You can get into teaching school with a B average, but Medical schools require an A average. You can get into teaching school with a mere 3.0 out of 4.0. But for medical school, the average is like 3.9 out of 4.0.” 

However, considering the value a teacher adds not just to the lives of students academically, but teachers also have to be role – models to the children, protect each child, and look after them as if they were their own. The responsibility of the teacher being a protector, care-giver, educator, guider and role-model, not only impacts how the student is raised, but also the future of the student and the entire family as well. Saddled with such responsibility, we can say that the teacher is an invaluable asset to the family and the society at large.

Why then does the doctor earn more than the teacher? If the teacher educates, protects, guides, grooms, and trains a student to become all of these and more, shouldn’t the teacher earn not just equal but much more than the people in these other professions?

Many people agree that teachers are highly underpaid and undervalued. According to, “teachers should be paid more than doctors because we pay for what we value, and the salaries of teachers suggest we don’t value them very much. We pay more for the people who look after our money than we do the people who look after and educate our children”.

We will love to hear your thoughts on this blog via the comment section.

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