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Mistakes to Avoid During Your Visa Interview.

Jul 28, 2021

Your visa interview date is fast approaching and you realize your heart beats a little faster in anticipation of that day. You should know that there is no need to fear once you know what to expect. All you need to do is prepare adequately and avoid mistakes that may ruin your visa interview. Then, you will come out of your visa interview smiling! For prospective students who will like to stay ahead, here are some mistakes people make during visa interviews that you can avoid:

Guessing Your Answers

Never guess your answers. Some people who do not have English as a first language may want to guess a “yes” or “no” question if they can pick one or two words they understand out of the entire sentence. This is very much likely to backfire. 

If you are not sure of the correct answer to give because you do not completely understand the question, do not feel that you must say something. Simply ask the officer to expatiate on this question and explain better. If you guess most of your answers, they may choose to simply deny you your visa. They may also think you are lying if the answer turns out to be false which is certainly not a good way to having your visa interview successful.


Avoid Rambling. Do not use unnecessary words or talk on and on endlessly. This may make you seem nervous or look like you have something to hide. You do not need to answer questions or give information that is not asked of you either.

Telling Lies

Honesty here is the best policy. If you get caught lying to the visa interviewer during your interview, you can be completely denied a visa. You may need a visa counselor to help prepare you, understand the questions and ensure you answer them correctly and truthfully.

 Pressuring the Interviewer to Give You an Answer

You are free to casually ask questions to know when you think you can get an answer. But it is important to be polite, respectful, and professional during your visa interview. Many times, your information has to go through various processes and reviews before they can get back to you. Treat your visa interview like a job interview and you are good to go.

Taking Incomplete Documents Along

Documents such as your interview appointment letter, passport, receipt of fee payment, admission offer, identity documents, marriage certificates (if married), proof of funds such as bank statement or its equivalent, identity card, and other relevant documents should not be left behind. Check each of your credentials and double-check. It’s important.

Late Arrival

Regardless of how tired you were the day before your interview date, or how far the distance of your interview is to your location where you live, you cannot afford to keep your interviewer waiting for you to arrive. If your home is very far from the interview location, you can choose to lodge in a hotel or stay with a family member or friend that lives closer to your interview venue. If there is a day to be punctual, it is on your visa interview date!

Lack of Adequate  Preparation 

You should know the type of questions you are expected to answer and prepare ahead for them. If you have a visa counselor, ensure you ask him/her to assist you in going through the list of possible questions you will be asked at your interview.

Interrupting the Interviewer During Your Interview

It’s just plain rude. This may give the interviewer the wrong idea about you. Be polite. Go along with the questions as they come.


Trying to argue your case with the interviewer is a no-no! Be calm and easy to talk to. Remember, it is their office and they are the decision-makers.

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