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Why Study in the United Kingdom?

Dec 01, 2021

Study in UK University

The United Kingdom is an English-speaking study destination made up of four countries namely England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Choosing the United Kingdom as a study destination comes with many advantages. Here are some reasons why the United Kingdom might be a great study destination for you. 

1.     High Educational Value: United Kingdom Universities provide standard Education and successful history of educational excellence. Some UK Universities in the United Kingdom are ranked among the best in the world. Universities such as the University of London, University of Cambridge, are all located in the United Kingdom. 

2.     Short Course Length. Compared to other countries, you can get a degree in the UK much faster. You can get a BA/BSc degree in 3 years and a master's degree in 1 year depending on how much work you are willing to put in. 

3.     Post-study Work Opportunities: You may also get the opportunity for part-time jobs which can help you cover some living expenses, and have some savings. International full-time students can work for up to 20hours per week.

4.     Employability: Well-recognized Graduates from British Universities are highly regarded by employees. Many employers have confidence in UK Universities because of their thorough educational approach and high standard of education. And learning from the best. 

5.     Exposure to Diverse Cultures: the UK is filled with diverse cultures and multinationals. You get to meet people from different parts of the world, get new perspectives, and learn about new cultures right there in the United Kingdom.

6.     Flexible Tuition Payment. Many universities located in the United Kingdom allow you to pay your tuition fee in installments if you are unable to pay it in full all at once. This makes it easy for many prospective students who are not so buoyant to scale through. 

7.     You May Bring Your Spouse Along! You are allowed to bring in your spouse as a dependent using the dependent visa. You are allowed to come into the country as a student with your spouse as a dependent. Even better, the United Kingdom system allows your dependents to work in the UK.

8.     Internship Opportunities While in College: Another amazing perk of studying in the United Kingdom is the fact that some companies go to Colleges and take up students to work as interns. This helps students to learn while schooling, get paid, and gain experience before they even get to graduate from school! Also, this gives the company a chance to get to know the intern and if you do intern does well at work, She/He may get a job offer from the company! 

9.     Scholarship Opportunities: a variety of Institutions in the United Kingdom may offer partial or full scholarships to international students coming to study in the UK. Some of these scholarships are either sponsored by the government or Institution. 

10.     Health Care Benefits: Some United Kingdom gives students, including International students access to health care benefits provided by the NHS National Health Scheme for a stipulated period. Isn’t that just amazing?!

Now, who wouldn’t want to school in the United Kingdom? Apply to Institutions in the United Kingdom now by clicking here.  

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