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May 21, 2018


Worldview Launches Premium Plan in May

Worldview International Group has launched a ‘Premium Plan’ for its platform users. Findadmission is a free online portal that helps students find their ideal courses and study destinations. (The African Study Abroad portal) has always been a free service and that’s not going to change, but the company is adding a ‘premium tier’ with more features for $25 per user.The Premium Plan is ideal for students who want:

  • 24 Hours Approval
  • Dedicated Career Counselor
  • Profile on the first Page
  • 24 Hours Approval
  • Free Event Attendance
  • Free Visa Counselling and many more. 

For additional information, visit or call 0501476767 for more information about the premium account.

Press Contacts

Worldview Int.Group: Harriet Ofosu. +501476767 

About Worldview Int. Group:

Worldview is an innovative, fast-growing company providing targeted solutions for education providers looking to recruit students in Africa. Worldview applied it's years of experience in education fairs and student recruitment conferences in building online platform, marrying the needs of institutions and the students together. We revolutionize international student recruitment from Africa by focusing on developing and maintaining high quality recruiting solutions.

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