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May 29, 2018


 Knowledge of one makes mastery of the other much easier. Knowledge is easy to gain but wisdom is much harder. Much harm has come to those who do not know the difference. Per statistics, out of the hundreds of applications we get from prospective students weekly, one third of these students opt for a nursing program as a course of study. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a shortage of about 800,000 nurses by 2020.  Due to this, many students in Africa, especially Ghana, Nigeria, Cameron and Ivory Coast where has its students reach are choosing nursing as a course of study. With the world evolving, more medical care is needed therefore hospitals and medical facilities are always looking for nurses. Nurses can work when and where they want and this has been the reason for African students showing much interest in the field. 

The statistics further shows that, most students have understood that after you turn into a nurse; your career path can lead you to numerous headings. You can work anywhere; be in the legal department as a nurse consultant, hospital as trauma nurse and the likes. There is no finish of choices when you turn into a nurse. The nursing field offers generally great income and one can without much of a stretch acquire more by working more hours even on vacations and ends of the week. Research studies shows that, there are numerous experts who resign from their first career and continue to work part time as nurses to supplement their income.

Studying nursing abroad is really the ideal method to develop one’s vital aptitudes, and will at last enable you to exceed expectations in the nursing scene. Nursing training abroad builds students comprehension of social fitness and intercultural sensitivity and also gives them new thoughts and open doors for individual and professional advancement.

Nursing is becoming all the rage among African students and the reason being that, students have researched and gained much knowledge on becoming a nurse. They know that being a nurse means having a good source of income, hence choosing nursing as a career path.

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