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Easiest Study Abroad Route

Jun 04, 2018

Easiest Study Abroad Route

Students all over the world are looking for opportunities to study outside their countries of birth. Africa is no exception with students applying day in and day to institutions of higher education abroad. These students generally want to “widen their cultural and intellectual horizon’’, or find knowledge and skills to give them a competitive advantage in the job market. Education is the focal point of any study abroad trip. It is, all things considered, a study abroad program and choosing the right school is a very essential factor thus the need for Findadmission. Findadmission helps students get the right institution in their pursuance for a better education abroad. Students wanting to study abroad have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the appeal and culture of the land and also have the opportunity to see a different side of their course of study that they might not have been presented to at home.

As of 2013, African students comprised 10% of all internationally mobile students around the world (project atlas). This interest and upward trend cannot be emphasised without also talking about the challenges these prospective students go through in order to find the right schools and the right destinations to study. Some students are ill-advised or ignorant of programs, choice of universities and even choice of countries and end up wishing they never took that step. This is where the Findadmission team comes in. was designed with African students in mind. It’s designed for African students who wants to travel abroad to pursue their education and solves all issues with study destinations, choice of universities, one’s financial capabilities and effective Visa counselling. is the preferred choice for every student considering studying abroad. Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other.

The team that came together to create Findadmission have all embarked on a study abroad journey in the past. This gives them a unique insight into what students in Africa could potentially face when they are searching for their dream study destination. With, one is able to make the dream of studying abroad a reality and gets the chance to experience distinctive styles of education to totally inundate ones 'self in another language, and practice the language just in everyday life. The institution (university) connects a student with, will also likely offer language courses to provide them a more formal training. The different ethnicity and cultures one is exposed to is a plus and students learn more about multiculturalism. It is harder to grow as a person if they stay entirely within their own comfort zone. The experience is richer and the rewards more fulfilling if one’s study abroad experience pushes the cutoff points of where they are comfortable and Findadmissions helps you to attain all that. 

Findadmission has made it easy for all prospective African students looking to study abroad with just a click away from getting their dream schools. All they need to do is to sign up for free and upload their credentials while also selecting their study destinations, choice of programs, budget, level of study, start date and any other information the indadmission team would need in order to give them an effective career counselling, before their applications are approved and further matched with institutions of their selections.

This hence will be a great avenue for foreign institutions to recruit these students, right?

Yes, foreign institutions also get registered with findadmission and sets up profiles to invite students who have shown interest in their institutions. Institutions all over the world are setting up profiles with findadmission to invite and recruit students the simplest of ways. 

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