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University Of Regina Bans Smoking Of All Kinds on Entire Property

Jun 14, 2018

Don't turn your dorm room into a growery either, new policy says

The University of Regina is going smoke-free on Aug. 1.

Under its new policy, smoking — whether tobacco or cannabis — won't be allowed in university buildings, on the school property, or in vehicles parked on that property. The ban applies to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and pipes.

  • Cannabis to be allowed on Sask. provincial park campsites
  • Decision highlights second-hand smoke as 'legitimate' concern for Sask. tenants

The new rules do not apply to properties adjacent to the campus, including the First Nations University of Canada and Innovation Place. 

The previous policy was updated in September 2017 and lessened the quantity of regions where smoking was permitted on campus from 19 to three areas. VP of organization Dave Button said the subsequent stage plays off the achievement of that move. 

Button stated that the decision to go smoke free is the best since smoking its dangerous to one’s health and to dishearten tobacco use among youngsters.

"The university has additionally been thinking about the ramifications of the pending authorization of the recreational utilization of cannabis, which is expected this fall, and implementing a smoke-free policy now addresses many of the concerns associated with that federal initiative."

The sales and advertisement of tobacco items won't be permitted on University of Regina campuses either and makes an exemption for tobacco being burned on campus for smudging or pipe ceremonies.

Donna Pasiechnik (manager of tobacco control with the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan) stated that the society has been concerned for a very long time about the high smoking rates among teenagers and young adults in Saskatchewan, so this will certainly motivate some of them to cut back and/or quit and protect others from second-hand smoke. According to the new policy, growing cannabis will likewise not be permitted at the university residences. The use of medicinal cannabis is not covered by the policy and may be allowed under Saskatchewan human rights legislation.

At the University of Saskatchewan, smoking is prohibited in all university buildings and outdoor seating areas, but it's allowed outside the 10-metre perimeter around them.

Source: CBC News

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