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Union Warns International Students - Falling Prey to Dodgy Landlords

Aug 01, 2018

Union Warns International Students - Falling Prey to Dodgy Landlords

Dutch students union Lsvb has cautioned the manner in which foreign students are being exploited by corrupt landlords. ‘They are being exploited by landlords charging high rents and of abnormal terms and conditions. Spokeswoman Geertje Hulzebos said that this behavior by landlords must be stopped and this is as a result of lack of accommodation. 

Foreign students try finding accommodation but since there are not enough rooms available they are exploited by landlords and given rooms impossible to live in. these students are oblivious of the Dutch rules and regulations for housing and are easily trapped into paying high rents for tiny spaces. Some 122,000 foreign students attended courses at Dutch universities and hbo colleges last year, double the 2013 figure. Spokeswoman Geertje Hulzebos stated that the foreign students do not have the option of not finding a room and that landlords should desist from such an act. The Lsvb says universities and colleges should stop trying to attract foreign students unless they can organize proper accommodation for them.

The union has set up a housing hotline for foreign students to report issues and made a similar plea in 2017. International students are ‘easy preys’, stated by Tenants lobby group Woonbond.  Spokesman Marcel Trip said they tried to reach the foreign students to give them proper information concerning accommodations in the country but could not reach them.  Kences, Student housing umbrella group says it is aware of the problem but that the shortage of housing cannot be solved overnight. Ardin Mourik also stated that housing corporations, councils and universities have under-estimated the flood of foreign students.

Source: Dutch

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