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2018 Worldview Education Fair

Aug 22, 2018

2018 Worldview Education Fair

Worldview education fair once again brings to your doorsteps over 100 universities abroad all under one roof, giving you the opportunity to explore the different study destinations around the world this year. The 2018 Worldview education fair is not taking place in West Africa alone but extends its reach to North Africa. This year, students from Egypt, Tunisia,Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria and Ghana all get to have opportunities to learn all about the costs for studying abroad, the advantages of studying and living abroad in more than 100 different destinations worldwide, gather information about different types of visas from embassy officials and learn how to choose the right one for themselves and more. The Worldview Education Fair presents the many choices available in study destinations, courses, institutions and methods of studying. The fairs gathers institutions from USA, Canada, France, UK, Cyprus, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, UAE, Ukraine, Russia and more under one roof giving you the opportunity to choose from the many study abroad options available around the world. Talk face to face with school and university representatives from all over the world at the same place.

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Here are the dates for North and West Africa

North Africa

9th October 2018, Cairo- Egypt

11th October 2018, Tunis- Tunisia

13th October 2018, Algiers- Algeria

15th October 2018, Casablanca- Morocco

West Africa

19th November 2018- Abuja, Nigeria

21st November 2018, Lagos- Nigeria

24th November 2018, Accra- Ghana

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