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International Student Recruitment Tips for 2019

Jun 20, 2019

    International Student Recruitment Tips for 2019

When it comes to Higher Education, there is a lot of attention on International recruitment agency and other partners. Institutions are lining up to become partners with these companies, so that they can increase their numbers and stand out from other universities. The question that usually lingers is what are the next steps?  Understanding the relationship between the partners and the institution is one of the most important things.

In the past Universities have been use to a tremendous amount of applications sent their way, but expecting a ROI (Return on Investment) from hundreds of applications can sometimes be challenging. The disappointment starts to settle in because Universities want to know where the enrollments are. According to Inside Higher Ed the United States remains the top destination in the world for international students, enrolling double the number of foreign students of its nearest rival, Britain. But going forward, universities without obvious built-in advantages with foreign students will have to play the game differently in order to stay in it—by being more thoughtful and intentional about their international student recruitment. 

Investing in a proper recruitment strategy has to be first. Not expecting numerous amount of applications sent your way, but creating the proper communication plan with your partner company. Companies like Findadmission understands that having the right communication report with their local account manager can only lead you to success. Findadmission has created a better strategic plan for universities. Once the universities has become a partner and opt in for a partnership package, each institution is assigned a local account manager per country. The responsibility of the local account manager is to market them and ensure the right documents are provided by students. Universities will also have access to recruit pre-screened prospective students on Findadmission application which are thoroughly checked before they are forwarded to the University for consideration. Sometimes with some agents you might have to keep reintroducing yourself every time you call, but with a local account manager they will remember you and more importantly what differentiates your university, which they will be able to market and share with other students. Building the proper strategies can only lead to quality students.

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