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The New Findadmission: Featuring Virtual Education Events

Aug 17, 2020

You may have noticed that over the past weeks, our website got a re-haul both in design and content. Hurrah!

Now we have that shiny new feeling again, we’re here to introduce you to our revamped Virtual Education Events, all while reigniting life into our beloved blog!

How do virtual events work?

To start with, all you need to schedule a virtual event is an account with us, so if you haven’t already, hit the get started button in the top-right corner.

If you’re already registered, then fantastic! Simply visit your dashboard, and hit ‘Virtual Events’ on the left-hand side. You’ll then be taken to a screen as shown below, ready for you to fill out the necessary details.

We ask all our institutions for 2 weeks’ notice when scheduling an event; this gives us time to notify the students who use our service and feature it on our website.

Depending on your price plan with us, you’ll be able to select multiple audiences that your event will be available to. There’s also other features you could take advantage of, including booth customization and more.

Filled in all the information? Then hit the save button, and we’ll do the rest!

Students will then be able to register their interest in the event via their home screen. With the right package, we’ll even send out SMS reminds to interested parties 10 minutes before the event starts. However, regardless of the price plan, we’ll include your event in an email to at least 50 participants. Want that number upgraded? Then consider our gold plan to have a minimum of 200 students receiving email notifications on your event!

The benefits:

The benefits of this virtual event are numerous;

  • With our amazing price plan deals, you’ll be able to try out this service in all its glory at a fraction of the cost of sending an official abroad. You can even try this feature out for FREE, though some features won’t be available via our basic plan.
  • We were remote before COVID-19; we’ve been doing this since 2017, putting us ahead of the curve, and with the most knowledge and insight into virtual events.
  • We have over 14,000 student users registered, with over 2,000 applications being made to institutions a month!
  • We have an amazing team of support staff, ready to help you on your journey to a diverse international population upon your institution campus.
  • We’re devoted to the conversion of our student users, into those that will attend your campus. So far, we have an extremely high success rate, with the number of satisfied students and institutions rising every day.
  • You’ll get a sneak-peak at interested students before they ever apply to your school, giving you the chance to sell your faculty and gain an application on the spot. Depending on your package, this could be via video, voice or even just by typing!

These are just a few of the perks, so what are you waiting for?


We have four packages, the contents of which can be viewed on our website at your convenience. 

Common questions: 

What time are the virtual events, and how long are they?

That’s completely up to you; you can set an event for a time that suits you. The length you’re able to host the Virtual Fair event’s for does depend on which price plan you’re using.

Our Basic price plan allows to a 1 hour long event, Silver allows 2 hours, Gold allows 3 hours, and finally Platinum will allow up to 4 uninterrupted hours for your event.

The amount of people you can host also changes depending on your price plan - turn to our price plan page for more information!

Will I get access to a student’s contact information after a virtual event?

Depending on the pricing plan your institute has chosen, you will be able to download data on all the students who attended their virtual event once it has concluded.

What are custom booths?

Booths are used in our virtual events, and purchasing a plan Silver or higher will allow you to customize these with photos and logos. This will help differentiate your institution from any others that the students may have seen at previous virtual events, and increase your brand awareness.

Still require assistance?

Got any questions that we haven’t answered yet? Then let us know by contacting us, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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