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A Message from our President and CEO: Folabi Obembe

Aug 24, 2020

We are entering another academic year with a greater sense of urgency than ever before, to stay ahead of the paradigm shift that our partner institutions are currently facing. In the international education sector, people are always adapting to new ways of recruiting students, staying connected, and providing a welcoming environment for students. Findadmission proactively got ahead of this shift in March 2020, when COVID-19 came to the forefront of all of our lives, and moved with an insurmountable speed that changed everything. In response, we added many new and innovative features to Findadmission; we even re-launched products, such as our virtual
event platform, local staff recruitment and management, and also increased our presence in Africa. We did this, because we know that education providers will need to find a product like the one we offer; together, we can ensure that the international education market stays as fruitful and vibrant as ever before, all by moving your meet-and-greets with students to a virtual platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This accelerating use of technology represents a fundamental change in how businesses are going to be conducted going forwards. At Findadmission, we are helping to power the recruitment of students in Africa, while staying true to the practices that have defined the industry for nearly two decades. We understand that the top concern of student recruiters is the uncertainty they must have on how to ensure quality candidates are selected - and we are the solve for that.

Coming from the industry as a student recruitment fair organiser, we married the need of world- wide institutions, and students from the region; now, we’re adding essential features to our ever- growing student recruitment platform, with more success than ever before.

Alas, not even Findadmission is not immune to the effects of the global pandemic. While our student screening process and local offices continue to be impacted, we have increased our online presence and customer service in an unprecedented way - ensuring that there is no loss of quality to the service our institute partners receive.
To continue adapting and accelerating the company, we need to ensure we are focusing all of our efforts and resources against our most strategic priorities: we do this to set up the company for success both today, and well into the future. When we take a hard look at the business, we decided we needed to make some risky choices. So, after weeks of discussion and deliberation, our team and I have made the decision to expand into: Asia, Europe and the North African market. Our technology and platform will be available for use from November 2020 for all higher education providers who wish to spread their recruitment net beyond the shore of Africa.

Findadmission’s goal will remain the same as it has always been: to enable our partner institutions to recruit quality students, digitally.

As the restrictions to most of society eases, we see a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. Countries and cities that were badly impacted have started to flatten the curve, and are gradually re-opening schools. While we know that the road ahead will continue to be hard for many institutions, we feel confident that the international education section will rebound in no time. In the future, we hope to have the opportunity to return to our new normal, and when that happens, we can assure that we will continue to use all of our technology to break down barriers; we endeavour to connect and deliver quality students to your institution, no matter what may come next.

Folabi Obembe
President and CEO

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