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New Year, a New Focus: How a Master’s Degree can Refocus Your Career

Jan 08, 2021

2021 is a new year, full of possibilities and excitement for everyone – especially those who are seeking to expand their knowledge as part of their new year resolution.

Often, people considering graduate study believe they are locked into the same field they pursued as an undergraduate. However, this is just a myth. In fact, a master’s degree can help young professionals retool and refocus their careers in new and sometimes unexpected ways.

Why would I want to do a Master’s Degree?

It’s no secret that to go back to university is hard work. So why would you want to do it after you’ve settled into a career? Well, for starters, you may want to switch industries entirely; this is the most common reason for taking on a degree of this nature, next to needing to build the credentials to earn a promotion, or to command a higher salary from your employer. A master’s degree can help you to achieve any of these goals, and many others. At Clarkson University, one of our prestigious partner universities, they’re known to welcome students from diverse disciplines, and help them achieve their career aspirations.

So I can get a Master's in something that differs from my Bachelor’s Degree?

Yes, you can! Say you are looking for a substantial change from what you studied for your bachelor’s or simply want to move away from a career that you’re no longer excited by. All it takes is a moment to think about what transferable skills you have, as well as what you would really like to do instead. For Le Wang, from China, her systematic way of approaching problems as an industrial engineer led her to study Data Analytics at Clarkson University. As part of her master’s degree, Le completed a project at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital, which ultimately led to her landing a job there. Where is she now? She is a statistical programmer working in a US government agency, where she helps scientists extract data from different sources to train and test pharmacological models! Amazing job, Le Wang!

Still not convinced? Then meet Diana Ibrahim; her experience began as a pharmacist running the family pharmacy in Egypt, which then led her to an MBA in Healthcare Management. She made the most of the Clarkson’s Career Center, which helped her to arrange an internship in strategic planning at Ellis Medicine. “I learned so many new things and began to realize the kind of work I prefer to do,” Diana remembers. Upon her graduation, she secured a position with Cerner Middle East, a regional healthcare consulting firm in Egypt. Congratulations Diana! 

Master’s: not just for businesses!

Not all career changers end up in business fields. For example, a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) can be perfect for those of you who studied a foreign language, science or maths within your bachelor’s. Joining Clarkson’s MAT means you’ll also gain a year-long residency in a local school. This gives students a chance to put their coursework to immediate use, and get a feel for what is to come. Many students who completed their bachelor’s overseas have graduated from the MAT and now teach French, Chinese or Technology in American schools. Could this be you?

If you answered yes, and want to learn more about Clarkson University’s graduate programs, check out their Findadmission university page under the ‘courses’ tab.

Findadmission would like to thank Colleen Flynn Thapalia at Clarkson University for her input and expertise on this subject. If you have any news or content relating to your university, and wish to use our blog as a form of free advertisement, get in touch at:

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