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The Quickest Way to get a Guaranteed Scholarship in 2021

Jan 25, 2021 is always bringing you the freshest, newest opportunities, and now we’re doing it again! We’ve partnered with the Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) to help African students in this time of great uncertainty. Many people world-wide are looking for a way to chance careers or gain an MBA, and now you’ll be able to do so remotely, quickly and safely, and with a guaranteed scholarship to boot!

Read more on this below!

A short summary of the Real World Skills MBA

ZEBS’ Real World Skills MBA programme was made in Switzerland, is UK-accredited and boasts over 1,000 students from 19 different countries already registered.

Anyone looking to learn will be given the opportunity to get Real World business skills that global companies require; this allows them to become a more likely hire when applying for a job post-graduation. It will take anywhere between 10-12 months to complete, and when you apply before 12th February 2021, students will get a GUARANTEED $1,000 USD scholarship!

So why not become member of the biggest African Network and boost your career? You can apply here today, or check out their YouTube video for more information.


We know that applying to study online is a big decision, but we’ve arranged for a webinar to be hosted on our Facebook page on 4th February 2021 at 5:30PM GMT for all of your questions to be answered live!

Simply visit our Facebook Page, hit the like button and ensure your notifications are turned on – that way you’ll be notified when the webinar goes live! 

TOP TIP: If you’re on a desktop, simply click the three dots on the far-right of the page, found on the same line as the Like button. Then, click the ‘follow settings’ button, or ‘follow’ if you’re not currently following our page. Once clicking ‘follow settings’, click on the ‘Live Video’ option and select ‘All Notifications’. This way, you won’t miss a thing!

Don't have Facebook? Then you can sign up to register on Zoom, too! This will be completely free and you'll even be able to ask questions directly to the speakers, too.

Speakers from both Google and ZEBs will be in attendance, including:

Vasilis Kazazakis, Google, Site Reliability Engineering Manager 

Prof. Adonis Fragkakis, President Zurich Elite Business School

Dr. Akanimo Odon, Director Africa, Zurich Elite Business School

So put the date in your calendars, students! The webinar will be an invaluable experience, whether you’re able to apply this year or not.

Other Perks of studying with ZEBs

There are many perks to getting your MBA with ZEBs, including:

  • Flexible payment plans that can be split over three payments
  • Gaining real-world skills alongside an MBA from a UK-accredited school
  • A $1,000 USD discount for students
  • Remote learning, so you won’t have to worry about commutes!
  • Job training techniques
  • Gaining networking contacts like never before

And much more!

How can I get a Free Scholarship?

All you have to do is apply! Any student will entitled to a guaranteed scholarship of $1,000 USD when they apply to the ZEBS Real World Skills MBA before 12th February 2021. What are you waiting for? It’s that easy!

We can't wait to see you all at the webinar on 4th February 2021 at 5:30PM GMT! Remember, if you have questions, that's the place to be! 

Need assistance?

Head over to our Contact Us page to speak directly to our Support Team!