Visa Applications Forum - Topics
The following discussion topics will be very helpful
1. Documentation – what documents are required for a successful visa application
2. Visa turnaround times – How long does it take to get a visa when I apply?
3. Application times – when can I start applying and when is it too late to apply
4. Modes of Application – will I be in a face to face interview or do I just have to submit documents only
5. Rigidity - Are there any embassies that are tough in issuing visas. Are there friendly embassies?
6. Embassy locations – Abuja and Lagos or just one location for Nigeria
7. Appeal possibilities if one has been refused
8. Reapplication possibilities if one has been refused
9. Success rates for particular embassies
10. Visa application success boosters
a. What could be done to boost chances of a visa success, eg. Tuition deposit
11. Applying for visa with spouse and family - possibilities of success
12. Extending visas while within the country of study
a. Do you have to come back to your home country
b. Or can you extend while still within the country
13. How long is a visa valid for UG and PG programmes in target countries
14. Effect of refusals on other embassies on current applications
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