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Must Attend International Higher Ed Conference & Fair 2018!

Tue 07 Aug 2018, 12:31:05 / BY Findadmission

Must Attend International Higher Ed Conference & Fair 2018!

As we about marking the last quarter of this year 2018, here are a few must attend educational conferences and fairs ahead we must take note of. 

 ASRC 2018- London (7th -9th November)

The African Student Recruitment Conference (ASRC) has always been a platform to address challenges facing education in Africa; providing ideal opportunities to reflect on how the challenges can be turned into opportunities.  

This year’s theme “Opportunities in a Challenging Environment” addresses the challenges facing education in Africa and provides the ideal opportunities to reflect on how those challenges can be turned into opportunities, looking at the emerging trends and to provide stakeholders with the information necessary to revise policies, priorities and strategies for their organization.

Worldview Education Fair 2018- Africa

The unique attribute that sets Worldview Education Fair apart from other fairs is that it brings institutions from different countries, under one roof, thereby attracting a larger, more diverse pool of students that you would not usually attracted at a fair with a single focus study destination. Please find the details of the event below:

North Africa

9th October 2018, Cairo- Egypt

11th October 2018, Tunis- Tunisia

13th October 2018, Algiers- Algeria

15th October 2018, Casablanca- Morocco

West Africa

19th November 2018- Abuja, Nigeria

21st November 2018, Lagos- Nigeria

24th November 2018, Accra- Ghana

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