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The Biggest Challenges of International Student Recruitment

Wed 22 May 2019, 20:52:53 / BY Findadmission

The Biggest Challenges of International Student Recruitment

 According to the Open Doors report, there has been a decline in F-1 visas from academic studies, the number dropping to 3% across the U.S. Some may ask why that is. California is rated one of the top states that most International students choose to achieve their undergraduate studies fell from 195,265 students in 2018 to 186,928 according to their March 2019 count.

There are a lot of different factors that take place when trying to seek where the problem lays from a change in student VISA’s to Government policies. You don't have to be in the U.S to tune into the political showdown that is broadcasted on every news outlet when it comes to Immigration. International students are watching it from their home; most are asking if they are welcomed in the U.S. Most students go to colleges that are close to their home. The diverse classroom is what they have to experience with International students as their neighbors. They learn diversity through their classmates the ones that are from Africa or India.

A university that has a large number of International students are looked at as a prestigious, and they show high quality. So, the question you ponder on “Is International students still needed to help the world go around”? The answer is yes. Relationships built from recruiting International students are endless. It will never end at just the doorstep of the classroom or the Universities hallways. It will continue to develop economies and relationships throughout the country.

 Companies like Findadmission have created efficient ways to bring together institution and International students. Findadmission not only realized the challenges but created successful solutions to these problems. FA only gives the institutions high-quality students because they know that one of the concerns Universities and colleges face are funding and the visas process. They can offer scholarships and act as liaisons with embassies to ensure that the students get into their institutions without being denied a visa. Findadmission has given institutions the ability to have access to a wide range of connections, special offers, mobile responses, access to events, and Visa counseling. The challenges that International recruiting has will always exist. The only thing to do is be ahead of it and become a member of Findadmission. Let them serve you as your online portal for International student recruitment. 

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