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National Student Survey Results 2020

Mon 17 Aug 2020, 11:34:52 / BY Findadmission

Every year, students that attend a university within the UK are subject to the anonymous National Student Survey, which gives them another platform to rate areas of success in the academy they attend. 2020 was no exception to this rule, even with a global pandemic in play. This meant that the results the expected benchmarks on many areas of the study - most of which were attributed to lockdown blues.

The National Student Survey gives all students the opportunity to voice their opinions on how well they think the institute is doing - all without revealing their identity, and usually with an incentive attached from the university themselves. Some get entered into raffles for entering, some get campus credits, and others just get the good-will gesture of knowing their spent time resulted in a charity donation. The success of these surveys aim to give institutes an unbiased look at how they’re doing, and give them areas where feedback and improvements could be made.

One of the universities to fall under the microscope of the yearly review was one of Findadmission’s own partners, the University of Wolverhampton; despite the effects of COVID-19, the organisation managed to flourish in seven of the main areas the survey focuses upon. The survey said a massive 87.33% were happy with the amount of learning resources available, while nearly 80% agreed that they found the learning community to be a positive one.

84.3% of students that attend the Wolverhampton University agreed that the teaching staff satisfied all expectations - even during lockdown, with classes moving to an online platform. Over the entire survey, 80.67% of students attending the Wolverhampton institute were satisfied - not even COVID-19 can keep the Wolverhampton students down!

Another Findadmission Partner, Buckinghamshire New University, took a unique approach to encourage students to fill the survey in while in lockdown - for every form completed, £1 was donated to Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support and Thames Valley Air Ambulance. In total, £1,434 was raised! What an achievement!

Several of our partners fell into the top 100 universities for student satisfaction, including University of Chester which tied for the #32 slot, York St John University at #42, University of Reading at #66, Buckinghamshire New University (BUCKS) at #67, Ulster University at #70 and many more. Want to see where our other institutions fell? You can see more rankings here.

For more information on the details behind each result and ranking, you can also find full results on the Office for Students website.

As the Findadmission partners grow in size, we look forward to announcing the satisfactory results of the National Student Survey 2021 this time next year!



University of Wolverhampton

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