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Let’s Talk About Virtual Recruitment Fairs

Tue 29 Sep 2020, 14:57:30 / BY Findadmission

Since COVID-19 sunk its teeth into the world, many industries have questioned their own longevity – including the education industry. Many questions have been asked, including: 

Will international students even be allowed in the country? 

Will people want to travel at a time like this? 

Will countries allow them to travel, even if they want to? 

Can the education of our students still be effective even with remote teachers?

Will student recruiters even be needed this year?

The answer to all of the above is, quite simply, YES.

Recruiters are still working hard, virtually, to bring students to the universities and colleges of the world. Even if students aren’t residing on campus this year, countries such as Canada have decreed that international students can complete studies online, from their home country, until April 2021 – all without penalty to their Graduate Work Permit.

So while most recruitment companies work to move their niche to an online platform, there are companies that have been somehow prepared for an online-only eventuality. 

For example: Worldview International LTD was designed with both in-person and virtual education events in mind, and their platform has been around for years. So prepared are they for the Fall Recruitment season, that Findadmission have partnered with them to help find potential students throughout Africa a place to study abroad.

Early-bird specials available at Worldview Recruitment Fairs with Findadmission!

Worldview International LTD is well known for providing graduate recruitment fairs year-round, bringing universities world-wide together to meet potential new students from across the African continent.

Together, Findadmission has been able to secure some early-bird rates when you book before 2nd October! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in for your institution, then contact our Director of University Partnerships today for more information! 

The Perks

When you book an appointment with Andrew White, he’ll be able to tell you some of the perks of these Virtual Education Fairs. These include:

  • A significant Return on Investment (ROI) than you would normally expect from attending an Education Fair – either in-person, or virtually.
  • These Educational fairs will be hosted on a time-tested platform, and not as a response to COVID-19. This reduces the possibility of any technical problems arising during the event, allowing you to chat and speak with prospective students freely.
  • You’ll get majorly increased exposure beyond the ‘Big 4’ – Accra, Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg – allowing your institution to be sought after from all corners of Africa. 

Talk to Andrew

So if that has your curiosity piqued, book a meeting with Andrew, our Director of University Partnerships to discuss the Worldview Virtual Education Fairs, and all that they can do for your institute, and your brand! 

Just remember to complete your ticket-purchase before 11:59pm on 02nd October 2020 to secure your early-bird discount.

Looking at this blog at a time when the October fairs are done? Then don't forget you can still schedule your own Virtual Education Event using the Findadmission platform! You can also check the other features of Findadmission here.

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