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Frequently asked questions

Findadmission is a cost-effective and convenient solution to recruit pre-screened international students via a platform that has been built with student conversion in mind. We revolutionize long-distance student recruitment from within Africa by adopting the traditional recruitment process and moving it online.
Findadmission has a plan that’s fully free if you’re looking to try our service for the first time. However, for unrestricted use of our Virtual Event feature and access to more regions, you will require a subscription plan. You will have the chance to upgrade your package to include more features at any time once you’ve registered. At Findadmission, we will help you to enrol quality students who are seeking to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees in a cost-effective manner.
Findadmission (FA) is driven by its guarantee to deliver results that bring you student diversity on-campus from all over the world. Annually, institutions invest huge sums of money in their marketing campaigns to recruit prospective students. However, this huge expenditure could go wasted as institutions might not get the desired quality of students for enrolment. This is where FA steps in to help. We make sure your return on investments are always positive, as we do all the groundwork of finding students that best fit each institution and their requirements, as well as pre-screen students to find quality applicants and limit expenditure.
When joining the Findadmission family and starting your profile, we recommend having the following information to hand: from the basics such as your institution name and contact details, to items such as your campus details and the available courses would be recommended. If your university has specific requirements, it is advised that you also have these available and ready to be listed, as well as any marketing materials you wish to use, including your education centre’s logo, as well as photos and videos.
Findadmission was built with student conversion in mind; therefore, our account managers provide only quality students for your consideration. This makes our conversion rates one of the highest rates in the international recruitment industry today. We are proud to say that almost 90% of our students are converted and enrol in their chosen study destinations.
We provide institutions with pre-screened quality students, ensure that every document required is available, as well as any other information institutions might require for enrolment to be successful. We also provide a quick and convenient access to information, and assist all admitted students with their visa applications. Here at Findadmission, we also provide follow-up and quality assurance, ensuring that your time is spent only on reviewing students that stand an optimal chance to enrol on your campus.
A wider world-wide reach is one of the many benefits of using our services. We help to extend your current reach encourage potentially bright, high quality students to apply and enrol. With our help, you can strengthen the diversity of your institute as well as increase the educational value of your college or university.
Depending on your Findadmission needs, the pricing varies per plan. Findadmission offers a free plan, a silver plan, gold plan and a platinum plan. While the free plan does not have a guaranteed number of enrolments per year for institutions, the upgraded plans do offer a guaranteed number of students to join your university. Silver, gold and platinum plans have the benefits of upgrades such as: a designated account manager to manage your institution, the number of regions you can recruit from, live chat support features, phone support and much more. You can view our available price plans on our pricing page.
The regions you can recruit from depends on your price plan with Findadmission. The regions currently available for selection include: West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and Northern Asia.
The majority of the marketing at Findadmission is done online; we have several social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and more! Depending on your price plan with us, you’ll see your university featured on any or all of those pages. There is also a Findadmission News Feed that you can use to create posts yourself, marketing directly to our database of potential students.
Combining decades of experience in both higher education and higher education development, we have a team of experts that advise on everything; from marketing strategies and recruitment concepts to branding and positioning strategies, Findadmission is here to support you in your journey to enrol more quality students.
Yes! Findadmission is user-friendly, even for those who do not favour technology. All you need to do to begin your journey with us is press sign up. You will then be assigned to an account manager, have a conversation about your needs with them, and voila - recruitment can begin. You will then start receiving quality applications once one of our staff members have pre-screened them.
All pending student applications can be accessed via your Dashboard. To access your Dashboard, you first need to have an account with us, and be signed in.
Our local account managers do a range of tasks on your behalf, including: organizing and arranging institutional visits to local schools; pre-screening students that have applied to your institute to ensure that they are high-quality and desirable to your institution; being a point of direct contact for your education establishment; arranging sessions with the institution to learn more about them, and how best to market them locally - all while ensuring that students are recruited to your university or college!
No. We are not an agency that charges students for their services. We represent institutions and recruit for them as such. Findadmission provides institutions looking to recruit internationally a choice of quality students, leaving your recruitment directors without the need to determine if the student is a right fit for their schools. We do that for you, which ultimately speeds up the time it takes to recruit a student to your education centre.
The unique URL option is available to encourage students to apply to a specific institution. By giving each institution a unique URL, this can be placed on the institute’s website or even be used in their marketing activities. Every student that clicks on the URL and submits their profile will automatically be assigned to that particular institution. Registered universities or collages will have a tab in their dashboard, allowing them to see which students have specifically chosen their institution and allowing them to begin their communication with them - ultimately encouraging admission to their school.
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Our support team is always ready to assist you in anything. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!