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Findadmission.com: the easy-to-use, secure and economical solution to international recruitment

Findadmission has been designed to unify admission officers, prospective students and local account managers, regardless of their location. Inspired by the vast number of students around the world who are interested in studying abroad, yet reside in locations that are inaccessible to the local university recruitment tours, Findadmission.com aims to bridge this gap and give everyone access to the education they both want and deserve. Our platform is filled to the brim with user-friendly features and services designed to increase an institutions international student enrolment count in the quickest amount of time possible.


The demands on educational institutions are changing rapidly even as funding tightens. Old ways of marketing and recruitment are expensive, time consuming, and obsolete for today’s digital-savvy world. Findadmission is an all-in-one recruitment and enrollment solution that securely and easily connects recruiters, students and local agents on any device - all at a price that meets your budget.


Eliminate unproductive and expensive travel by staying connected with local account managers by live chat, voice and video. The video feature is only a click away once you’re logged into your Dashboard, allowing you to create a video chat with a local account manager from your computer or through our app.


Chime in and engage your prospective students in real time with our live chat feature, accessible during your Virtual Education Event. Engagement with this feature has shown increasing numbers of student conversions. This highly interactive channel allows a prospective student to ask questions, as well as get advice on the next step of their application process. You can assist prospective learners with this feature by talking with them, answering questions and sending them an update on their application progress.


Findadmission has a single-click telephone dial feature - meaning you no longer need to waste time dialling international phone numbers. You can make calls directly from the platform to your local account manager or prospective students world-wide. Simply view their profile and click the phone icon to make a call. It’s that easy!