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About Unique URLs

Institutions with approved accounts on Findadmission are assigned a unique URL, which can be placed on the institutions website, or embedded within their marketing campaigns. This allows Findadmission students to apply and share credentials with these institutions directly, once their profiles have been reviewed and marked as quality by the establishments local account manager. New users of Findadmission go through same scrutiny, until account managers ensure the recruited students arrive on your campus.

How to get a unique URL:

  • 1

    Sign in to your Findadmission account.

  • 2

    Click on the settings button in the menu, and then on the ‘Unique URL’ tab.
    N.B: only approved institutions can access the partner badge page.

  • 3

    Step 1 - Create your Unique URL; we recommend making this something recognisable to your institution, or the initials to your school.

  • 4

    You’ll then be able to proceed to Step 2, where you’ll be able to download your chosen badge, and copy the relevant code.

  • 5

    Place the logo on your website or social media page and ask prospective international students to apply to your institution using the badge.

Why use the Findadmission Unique URL?

The Findadmission unique URL ensures only quality international students and applications land in your inbox via our screening process. You will only be shown the most qualified applicants, as your account managers will be the ones to quality check the candidates who have applied - something your institution would normally have to manually do themselves.

This ultimately makes your job easier, and saves you both time and money. Whether you're looking to recruit from our student user-base or simply to attract a diverse pool of students, using the Findadmission unique URL will give you access to a robust set of tools, as well as the assistance of a community designed to increase your international student enrolment.

Ready to place your Findadmission badge on your website?

Then here is how it works:


Login to your Findadmission account dashboard and visit settings. Once you click on the ‘Unique URL’ tab, you will be able to create and copy your unique URL, as well as download the relevant Findadmission badge.
Place the badge and code onto your website for international students to utilize. This Unique URL can also be used where applicable in your marketing campaigns.


Students can visit the profile attached to your Unique URL whether they have an account with Findadmission or not. However, for a student to apply through your URL, they will be prompted to create an account after clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button.


An Account Manager will review the application and get in touch with the student if needed. Once the application has been completed to a high standard, it will be forwarded on to the university for consideration.
If you need to talk directly with an Account Manager, you may do so through the live chat feature embedded within your Dashboard.


Once you have approved an application for admission, an offer letter is sent to the student by email. The Account Manager will also follow up to ensure the student has received it and knows how to proceed to the next step and accept your offer of enrolment.


Our trained visa counsellor will then guide the accepted student on how to submit a good visa application to the embassy. We will support that student as much as possible, ensuring they’re able to join your institute.
This will be done at no additional cost to the student or the institution.