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Findadmission– Your Online Portal for International Student Recruitment

Jun 27, 2018

Findadmission– Your Online Portal for International Student Recruitment 

With the high level of technological advancement and evolving technology all over the world, higher education abroad opens the door for students to be a part of and experience this technological advancement. Worldview understands what conversion means to education providers; the believe in returns on investment and introduced an online portal where Findadmissions marries the needs of institutions and students together. 

Worldview applied its years of experience in education fairs and student recruitment conferences in building, an online platform which has simplified what used to be an immensely complicated and time-consuming process of studying abroad. The team behind worked with students and education providers to provide a system that works for everyone by eradicating hours of paperwork or trawling through websites and have all embarked on a study abroad journey in the past which gives them a unique insight into what students in Africa potentially face when they are searching for their dream study destination; thus Findadmission being the online portal for international student recruitment.

Worldview annually holds an education fair which presents the many choices available in study destinations, courses, institutions and methods of studying to students. It’s a unique opportunity where students meet directly with admission officers to discuss what courses, pathways and opportunities are available to them, as well as the general application and enrolment process.

Higher education experts want to have quality students; one that enriches campus life and academic achievements, which is why we ensure that the enrolments that come by means of FA convey that conviction to the table. FA doesn’t compromise in offering quality students for institutions since it is a concern that institutions share about international enrolments.

With offices across Africa, FA interacts with students and helps them with the needed counseling and support in pursuance to their higher education abroad. That is to say apart from the online portal, we meet students and help them throughout the entire process till they get to their various institutions abroad to study.

Funding and visa processes are a major challenge when it comes to international student recruitment so institutions abroad should factor that into consideration. They can offer scholarships and act as liaisons with embassies to ensure that students get into their institutions without being denied visa in order for students to achieve their dream of studying in their institutions and academic career.

Findadmission features connections, special offers, mobile response, access to events, accommodation search and visa counselling

  • Connections

Institutions find and connect with students from Africa. Our matching system connects students and institutions together based on their needs.

  • Special Offers

Using our platform gives you access to updates on special offers from schools, colleges, and universities from around the world.

  • Mobile responsive

The platform is 100% mobile responsive, making it easy to access your account on the go and keep up-to-date with news from schools and universities.

  • Access to events

Gain free access to our annual study abroad fairs, as well as speak directly with school, college, and university representatives from around the world.

  • Accommodation search

We offer a complete service, as our team will assist you in getting an affordable accommodation in your study destination.

  • Visa counselling

Our Visa Counselling team is well trained and will be available to support you during your visa application.

With all these amazing features and all that about Findadmissions, you now know why Findadmission is your online portal for international student recruitment.

Kindly visit our official page and get in touch with our team if your institution wants to also be a part of Findadmissions?

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