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Setting up your institution account on Findadmission is simple and straightforward. At Findadmission, we also offer the assistance of an implementation specialist, who will be able to speed up the process and ensure that your profile is completed.

To start, you will need basic information, such as: the study level your institution offers, the academic year start date, a tuition fee range and your admission requirements. Once completed, you will be able to start using our technology platform to recruit students world-wide.


Once your institution profile has been completed and approved by our implementation team, you will be introduced to your local Account Manager(s).
Findadmission has members of staff based within our local offices world-wide, who will be working on your institution portfolio to ensure you meet your set student recruitment target.

You can then train the Account Manager on how to identify the right students for your institution. It would be valuable for the managers to learn about your institution’s ethos, allowing them to be equipped with necessary skills and ideals that will assist in identifying the kind of students that you desire.

Need a little bit more help? Check out our Local Staff add-on, which can be added to any paid subscription package.


Once an application has been submitted by a student, and received and assessed by your account manager, it will be up to you to decide if the student is someone you’d like on your campus.

Should you decide to give the student an admission offer, our technology platform will allow you to send the offer letter directly to them via email. Both the student and your Account Manager will be notified via email and SMS that your institution has given an offer of admission, and a response is usually submitted within 48 hours by the student.

Once they have confirmed their enrolment, our visa counsellors will be able to work with the student as they submit a visa application. This will increase their chances of residing on your campus and will be done at no additional cost to either the institution or the student.


With Findadmission, you can recruit students from all over the world, all without ever leaving your university campus! Along with our student recruitment services, Findadmission also hosts a minimal CapEx investment, along with a seamless institution profile set up. We also provide both an Account Manager and a dedicated implementation team to work on your behalf, getting you the best possible recruitment results.

With us, you’ll be able to spread your recruitment effort throughout several different countries, all while reducing marketing expenses by leveraging the Findadmission Virtual Event platform, and our social media presence.

Human Resources Yes Yes No
Commission on tuition No Yes No
Marketing Budget Yes Yes No
Enrolment Guaranteed No Yes Yes
Student Follow up Yes No No