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Findadmission offers a free basic plan that is full of features, including a complete profile listing for a year and an audience of one of our countries. With the basic plan, institutions can host virtual recruitment fairs for up to an hour, with a maximum of 50 attendees and with the live chat feature. Need your virtual fair to last longer than 1 hour, or require a wider audience for your profile? You can learn more and sign up for a paid plan here.

Thousands of prospective students visit and use Findadmission for their study abroad search every day. Your upcoming virtual fair gets listed in our weekly newsletters, encouraging student to join your event. Students are able to opt-in to join your fair with just a single click. Depending on your package, attendees are sent SMS reminders either 24 hours before and/or 10 minutes before the event to ensure that they attend. At Findadmission we don't just provide you the virtual platform, but we also assist you in getting qualified students to join your events.

If you pay by invoice you need to provide a notice of 30 days; otherwise, you can cancel at any time and can do so directly from your account page. For monthly subscribers, we allow our account users to both upgrade and downgrade at any time, meaning that there is no minimum contract. There is no need to contact us to downgrade your account, as long as you make the changes before your monthly payment is due. For annual subscription, an email is required for cancellation.

We accept most major credit and debit cards for monthly and annual payments. We also accept payments by invoice for those using our annual business plan. There are also exclusive discounts available for institutions that elect to pay a year in advance.

Yes, our work does not end at matching prospective students to institutions. At Findadmission, we ensure that we guide the students on how to submit a good visa application and prepare them for any upcoming visa interviews. Our end goal is to ensure every student recruited on Findadmission reside on your institutes campus for enrolment.

A region refers to a group of countries in the continent that are geographically located in the same area. These countries have similar characteristics, such as: language, religion and climate. In total, Findadmission operates within 9 different regions from around the world.

Certain U.S. states are subject to a mandatory Value Added Tax (VAT for short) when making a purchase. If your online order requires an added sales tax, you will see this applied to your order before checkout is complete.

If you find yourself with more questions, you can get in touch with us - we are here to help! For further information about the right plan for your institution, our friendly sales support team are ready to give you instant, expert advice. Simply visit our Contact Us page for all our details.

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