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What does a Findadmission Ambassador do?

Findadmission ambassadors can perform a wide variety of tasks, from implementing marketing campaigns to posting about campus life, entertainment, social life, and more with the aim of getting the attention of prospective students and ultimately influencing their decision when making a choice of institution.


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What are the responsibilities of Findadmission Campus Ambassador?


Posting about their institution on their news feed and their social media platforms


Posting on online message boards or chat groups


Responding to questions asked on their institution news feed post raised by prospective students


Inviting friends via social media sites to like their Findadmission page

Requirements to become a Findadmission Ambassador

The following are the requirements for students to become Findadmission ambassador


Must have successfully used Findadmission in the past or have studied/is studying at any of our partner institution


Be willing to engage users on Findadmission by posting content about campus life, social life and entertainment


Have the capacity to build followers on Findadmission by inviting friends and engaging followers


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