Frequent Ask Questions

Findadmission is an online platform that gives prospective students seeking admission abroad access to valuable information and opportunities to communicate and submit applications to their prospective schools from around world!

Findadmission facilitates your search by simplifying the process of finding your dream course and directly connecting you to representatives and admission officers at your institution of choice. We ensure that the universities you want also want you by optimizing your application to institutions that match your background and profile to increase your chance of been accepted.

Every institution on Findadmission has a profile which include list of courses, admission requirements which depends on your country, key facts about the institution and every other information you need to make your decision on suitability for admission. We also review your application after you have submitted it to ensure you have submitted the right supporting document and that you stand a good chance of getting admission offer before your application is forwarded to your chosen institution.

There is a processing fee of $10 USD but if you download the Findadmission Student App, we waive the processing fees for your first application through the app, and you only pay the $10 if you need to submit subsequent applications on the Student App.

We are not. We are able to charge students a token for our service because we charge universities for connecting them with students on the platform.

It is very important that you check the institution requirements so as to avoid submitting your application without all the necessary supporting documents.

You can search for institutions in different countries around the world; have access to admission requirements and submit application to institution of your choice on the platform. We also have a wealth of relevant information relating to studying abroad for you; you can read latest news, like and comment on news feed post from our partner institutions.

Yes. Actually, you can create an account on Findadmission and join the news feed community. Once you complete your studies and have decided that you want to study abroad, you can use the same account you created to submit application to your prospective institution.

We are unable to guarantee admissions; however, we are confident of your chances as we ensure to only submit your application to institution where you are already likely to be admitted because you met the set standard. The decision to give admission rests with the institution but our team will check your application once you have submitted and advice you on whether you stand a good chance or not before forwarding it on to institutions. If they think you don’t stand a good chance, you will be advice to apply to a different institution.

Getting admitted to a university is great news! However, we realize there’s more to do. We will guide you on your visa application and other additional processes. As soon as you get admission, we will connect you to one of our qualified visa counsellors who will guide you on how to submit a viable visa application.

Getting started on Findadmission is easy, all you need is to hit the ‘Get Started’ button on our website. Once you have created your account, you will see a list of institutions on Findadmission to which you can apply to study.

It is very important that you provide a valid email address because this is medium universities and colleges you applied to on Findadmission will communicate with you. Both your admission offer letter and other document would be sent via email so to ensure you received them, it is advisable you provide an email address that you have access to at all times.

Sometimes our team may need to contact you because they require immediate response to quick clarifications or to give you urgent information from your chosen institution. For these reasons, we encourage everyone using Findadmission to provide a valid telephone number.

You are not allowed to create more than one account on Findadmission. If our system discovered that you have multiple accounts, those accounts would be immediately deactivated by our technical team.

Yes, we have call centres in some countries but not in all countries. To know your nearest Call centre, login to your Findadmission account and check for this detail.

If you pay processing fee of $10, this cover you until you get an admission offer. If for any reason you apply to an institution and your application is rejected, you won’t have to pay another $10 when submitting another application.

Yes, when completing your application to your chosen institution, you would have to upload scanned copies of your academic credentials. This should be in PDF or JPEG format because these are the suitable file format.

Findadmission has institution in more than 20 countries of the world. This include USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Australia and other countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

You can narrow your search by using the ‘filter’ button to look for institutions based on country, course, location, budget and more. This gives you the opportunity to view and focus on the profiles of only institutions that interest you.

Some of our partner institutions offers part scholarship but none are offering full scholarship at this point in time.

It is common knowledge that studying abroad is not cheap and the platform requires potential students to provide details of their sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor you should not apply on Findamission, you can apply at a later date when you have gotten a sponsor.