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Reach your prospective students on the largest African student recruitment platform using an all-in-one solution for marketing, recruitment and enrolment.


Our virtual education recruitment platform provides institutions the opportunity to chat with prospective students in real time, using both group chat and one-on-one live chats including video conferencing features with certain price-plans.


Your upcoming Virtual Events get listed in our weekly newsletter and on our platform. This means your event will be presented to a high traffic of students, encouraging them to attend your event. Students are then able to opt-in to join with a single click. With certain packages, we’ll also send out SMS reminders to the students before the event begins.


Findadmission will allow you to engage with a more focused and targeted audience. Only prospective students who are interested in study abroad opportunities will be notified of your marketing with Findadmission. We are one integrated platform, designed to make your recruitment simpler and more efficient.

Host a Virtual Event in minutes

Select your event date, time and region(s) of interest

Findadmission Virtual Events are a focused, self-service virtual recruitment platform for live experiences that allows institutions to: create, share, find and attend virtual education events. These events gather high quality leads and increase student enrolment numbers. From open days to departure orientation, our mission is to bring prospective international students into contact with the institution of their dreams.

Choose a booth templates and customise your booth

You don’t have to be a designer to come up with beautiful designs for your virtual event. Our platform comes with an assortment of templates you can use and self-customise to build your booth. We understand that each university has its own ethos, culture and trademark, and our highly configurable booth designs enables all exhibiting universities to customize their space however they like. A virtual event is the perfect opportunity to showcase their unique offerings.

Complete your institution profile to ensure you attract the right audience

Information such as programme start date, tuition and accommodation costs, scholarship opportunities and more can be listed on the institution’s profile. This information is used to match relevant African students to participating institutions, while ensuring student visitors are well informed about all you offer before the day of the event.

Engage at the virtual event with video, voice and live chat features

Open the gates to free-flowing, two-way communication between students and university representatives at the Education Event. This will be achieved through our chat facilities and webinars, all of which are designed to bring about a more engaging and interactive experience.

Measure your Event’s ROI with applications and high quality leads

Gauge the success of your Virtual Education Event through our reports and analytics. These include: numbers of applications submitted by prospective students, number of visitors and the potential conversion rate.

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