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Have you ever wanted to advertise, knowing that every person who sees it is your ideal candidate? With, we make that happen. Our website has thousands of active student accounts, all looking for our expert advice, as well as their perfect study abroad home - and you could soon be talking to each and every one of them when you advertise with us.

We offer a range of packages and prices to suit every budget and institution, all while allowing you to work with some of the best experts the marketing and education field have to offer. With over 14 years of experience, we understand the importance of diversity with the content that we post. This is why, through an energetic assortment of content, our virtual education events and fairs, as well as the essential recommendations and news on our blog, has become a staple for every student looking to study abroad.

Our unique features and perks for both students and institutions alike have helped to make the Findadmission platform truly indispensable, and now we’re here to show you how you can take advantage of that, and advertise with us.

Key Benefits

  • International reach

    If you’ve always wanted to improve your brand awareness world-wide, can offer a targeted way to make that dream a reality. We have local offices based in Africa to help you appeal to students on-the-ground, and registered students from all over the world, including Asia and India.

  • Budget Control

    With, you’ll be in charge of the budget the entire time. Most of our marketing add-ons have a variety of tiers to suit any budget, allowing you to be in control of your marketing budget.

  • Expert Targeting has potential international students world-wide, allowing you to pick and choose a country to target from within over nine continents! The world is your oyster with us.

  • Marketing Experts

    All of the marketing team with are chosen for their experience in both marketing, and the field of education. The team as a whole has over 14 years of experience, all at your disposal. Our staff are able to assist with the creation of creative solutions to help you appeal to a whole new audience, and even provide basic social media creatives where none are provided.

What we offer

Besides the previously mentioned benefits, we also host many choices for you to choose from. These include:

  • Banner Advertising Options

    • Side Banner
    • Banner Inside the Application Submission Page
    • Banners on the Institution listing page.
  • Email Marketing

    • Bi-weekly newsletter sponsorship
    • Bi-weekly newsletter advertisement
    • Customised newsletters
  • SMS Marketing

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Free Advertising

Regardless of your account type with us, you could also benefit from free marketing

  • Blogs

    We have two blogs on – one directed to our students, and another directed to our institutions. From tips to announcements, the latest news and updates, we’re happy to feature content from any one of our institution partners.

    Interested in sending us some content? Then download the form below, and attached a signed copy with your content in an email to:


  • Social Media Posts

    Depending on your plan with you could be entitled to up to 6 posts per month over our variety of social media channels. This includes posts on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. Take a look at our pricing page to see how many social posts you could get included in your membership!

  • Video: YouTube and TikTok

    Got a video you want to share on TikTok? This can be something as simple as a quick look at campus, which we can then upload to our channel to share and promote with our international student audience world-wide. We’ll edit it and add the sound effects for you – just attach it in an email to: