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USA: National Learning and Development Month - September 2020

Tue 08 Sep 2020, 10:01:43 / BY Findadmission

USA: National Learning and Development Month - September 2020

This one is mainly for our Findadmission Partners in the USA who are celebrating National Learning and Development month - but if you're a learning-lover, feel free to give it a read, too! So, National Learning and Development month is upon us, and runs for the entirety of September. Now, we’re here to give you an overview about why this month is so important.

There are several reasons why we love this month-long national event, least of which is that, without education, we simply wouldn’t be here! There’d be no universities for our database of students to want to study at or apply to, leaving all of that potential in the wind.

That dystopian image aside though, education as a whole, whether students choose to study abroad or not, is a fundamental need. Education never stops, in job or in life, and research has shown that the more educated we are, the more successful we feel.

Education is a way of bettering oneself, of enriching the mind and keeping it active. Not to mention, in the digital age that we’re currently in, adapting and upskilling yourself is basically a mandatory skill – something that platforms like LinkedIn Learning rely upon.

So, to our American Findadmission partners, why not take advantage of this Learning and Development Month and encourage your students to take up a new hobby or interest as the school year begins? Why not introduce them early to the beauty of self-learning and online courses?

Or, if you’re not a Findadmission partner yet, why not join us and see what we can teach you about recruiting a diverse array of students from within Africa?

Look to the likes of William Leo Hansberry for inspiration – in the 1950s, having already been dubbed the ‘father of classical African studies’, he decided to visit Africa and do some hands-on research. The result? The creation of a foundation for African Studies.

Or, note how back In 2018, 7 African teachers were named in the top 50 nominations for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize, including: Itodo Anthony, Marjorie Brown, Wendy Horn and more!

Not to mention, in 2019, Kenya’s own Peter Tabichi won the award and the $1 million prize - beating around 10,000 nominations from a whopping 179 countries! Without education and learning, where would these amazing minds be?

So, celebrate and encourage learning and development all year-round – and who knows, if you do decide to recruit from Africa, who knows – you could be educating the next Peter Tabichi!

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